Sunday, August 2, 2009

• Corporate Blogging: A new marketing communication tool for companies.

A corporate webblog is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. The advantage of blogs is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads.

Generally, organization blogs can be classified into 2 types:




Internal Blogs

Internal blogs are basically are inter corporation blogs via access through intranet of the company.

Internal blogs may be used in lieu of meetings and e-mail discussions, and can be especially useful when the people involved are in different locations, or have conflicting schedules.

Blogs may also allow individuals who otherwise would not have been aware of or invited to participate in a discussion to contribute their expertise
External Blogs

An external blog is a publicly available weblog where company employees, teams, or spokespersons share their views. It is often used to announce new products and services (or the end of old products), to explain and clarify policies, or to react on public criticism on certain issues

Corparate blogs are a norm nowadays for most of the companys. However, the blog may brings some few impacts towards the company.

The following are the advatage of corporate blogging

  1. Leaders can communicate directly with customers, suppliers and investors, as well as employees, helping disseminate and explain strategy.
  2. Blogs give the writer an opportunity to answer critics in a controlled forum
  3. A well written blog can give a human face to an otherwise anonymous enterprise
  4. Sharing their ideas freely in an honest voice brings the blogging companies new connections and generate trust which will lead to business opportunities galore

The disadvatages are as followed:

  1. Like practically everything else on the Web blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain. Writing coherently is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a human being to undertake.
  2. There is a risk that an ill-judged comment could be seized upon by the media or disgruntled investors
  3. Blogs make many organizations look like disorganizations, with multiple tones and opinions. Contrary to what some might think, the average customer prefers it if the organization they are about to purchase from is at least somewhat coherent

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review a local, transactional e-commerce website.

The local, transactional e-commerce websites that i want to review is the website of Golden Screen Cinema. Golden Screen Cinema is well-known for its quality of their mega halls and services of their staffs. There are approximately 24 outlets of GSC throughout Malaysia. Which means thousands and thousands of people would log on to the website to check out what is the latest movie and etc.
The photo above shows the outlook of GSC website. It is a websites with many fixtures, such as we can check for the show times of movies available 24/7, membership sign in section is for members to log in and we can book out tickets so that we could avoid long queue.

The photo below shows how annoying it would be to have a long queue in front of you when you wanna buy tickets. The websites has made our job easy and we can collect our tickets before the movie starts without any queuing.

There is a cineplex which is newly opened in Tropicana City, through website, we can get the free screening coupon and enjoy the new and luxurious environment for a movie.

Souviniers. We can check out if there is any souviniers available from Walt Disney. That is absolutely cool. Such as the pendant of Mighty Bolt. Souviniers can be bought from the Glitters next to cinema entrance. Check it out.

The website also provise us the map showing us how to get to the cinema so that tourist will not get lost when want to get to the cinema.

As a conclusion, GSC website is a well known transactional website in Malaysia. The websites is very convinient for Malaysian citizens to check the showtimes and save their time with the help of the online booking system. For more information, please log on to .

Golden Screen Cinema is a recommended place to watch movie. For my personal preference, GSC Pavilion or GSC 1 Utama.

Credit Card debts: Causes and Prevention.


What thing can possibly be more important other than money itself ?



Yeah, without a doubt, money is freaking important.

We NEED it to buy foods.
We NEED it to pay our rental.
We NEED it to buy fuel for our car.
and I NEED it to buy gifts for my girl-friend.

However, knowing that money is very important, many people tend to use their "future" money by applying credit cards.

In the end, most of them tend to overspend and created huge debts for themselves.

Why? What could it be possibly causes this to happen ?


Poor Money Management
We tend to spend on unnecessary things that leads to wastage of money. Some people buy heavily expensive things without worrying they could or could not pay back in the future.

Saving too little or not at all
Many people don't eventually have the habit of saving money nowadays. During critical periods, they couldn't meet up to the unexpected expenses which may cause them to have a financial downturn.
Banking on a windfall
Spending tomorrow's money today is very tempting. Especially if you believe that tomorrow will come no matter what. A planned job bonus may not be a sure thing. The inheritance that you believe will come your way may not. The lesson is don't spend the money until the check clears.
Heavy medical expenses
Gaps in coverage, lapsed policies and increasingly costly alternatives make this a popular category. Just about every doctor now takes credit cards. If you think it's for convenience, think again. The medical industry wants to get paid at the time service is rendered. They know that if they don't, the chances of their getting paid drops. This means more debt for you, less for them. To be fair, they are not in the lending business, but this only masks a bigger problem


Reduced in income

We often let debt takes us in when there's reduced in our income by the hope that we will find another source to pay back in the future

After you know the reasons for us to overspend, now, how are we going to curb this problem?
Here are some safety measures that can be taken.
Establish a budget and follow that budget exactly
It is advisable for you to have a budget of your on to control on your daily expenses. After creating your budget, make sure you follow them exactly
Do not carry your credit card balance for more than 6 months
Experts indicates that beyond that 6 months point, the compounding of simple interest can produce a very expensive balance to pay off. This can be shown through the snowball effect.
Avoid using credit card
Try avoid using credit card n your daily expenses and use cash instead. You barely see the amount that you're spending thus may cause you to spend more than what you can eventually afford.
Self decipline
The final purchasing decision always lyes in your hands at the edge of the cash counter.
Control your self, know what you need and what you don't. Try not to buy unnessary things that could lead to overspending.
The End

Mobile payment systems in Malaysia: Its potential and consumers adoption strategies.

Mobile money is a pin based mobile solution designed to pay without having any cash, credit cards or without any physical presence at the store that you wish to buy stuffs from. We can now use our mobile phone to pay our bills with a 6 digit pin number password via sms. This method is safe to use and could cause less danger to consumers because there is no cash needed. Read more about mobile money through
It is important for us to know about this new mode of payment.
There is another kind of mobile payment available in Malaysia which call SCAN mobile payment system (mps). What is SCAN mobile payment system? It enable people to send and receive money via mobile phones. There is no installation needed to start using the mps and it is a new experience of mode of payment. You can make a payment as easy as just sending an sms through phones.
Is mps safe? It is absolutely secure with the standard of ISO/ICE 27001/2005 certification awarded by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. It is a very convinient payment system as there is no installation of any softwares required. Log on to to know more about the SCAN mps.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, there is a tremendous potential for mobile telecommunication network to become a mode of payment. This is because 88% of our Malaysian citizen have subscribe for mobile phone service. Furthermore, it is more convinient compare to other mode of payment such as cash and credit cards and it would be safer if we can adopt a cash free society. The rate of crime and roberry would decline.

Mobile payment systems in

E-Government in Malaysia: Its implementation so far and citizen’s adoption strategies.

"Information and communication technology to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens, business, and other arms of governments".
Malaysia launch it's e-government beginning in the year 1997 with the mission to lead the country into the Information Age. It seeks to improve convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with business and citizens. It is able to information flow between the citizen and the government to increase the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement. This will allows the government and citizen to work together towards development of the country. Besides that, it also enables the government to be more responsive to the needs of its citizen.
Electronic Services

With the E-Government website, citizen in Malaysia are now able to conduct transactions with the Government agencies such as the Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) and Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Citizens can now pay up their utility fees through internet transaction without having to waste time stuck in the traffic jam and queue in the counter. It proof alot of convenience to the citizen.

Besides that, it has also now provide services to purchase tickets for Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTMB) through online transaction. For the MIA members, they can also pay their yearly fees through online transaction in this website.

Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)
This site is created to ease the job seeker and employer to gather labor market information. It is supervised by the Ministry of Human Resource(MOHR). It can helps to improve mobilization of the nation's human resources and to ensure manpower in the country is fully utilize.
This system allows the supplies to sell goods and services to government through internet. Suppliers can advertise their product, present their pricing, process orders and deliveries. This can equip the workforce with technology at the minimum cost and creates more skillful and knowledgeable force.

How to safeguard our personal and financial data ?

When your kids are sick, you tend to bring them to the clinic or hospital to get a medical treatment, and doctors will provide some medicine for the cold or fever.

Just like we human's, our computer and softwares are vulnerable to catch a "Cold" also. This may eventually threatens the organizational's online security and expose our data to unwanted parties.
Now, here come's the problem.
How are we going to safeguard our personal and financial data ?
Do you think the current measurement is sufficient to secure us from this threats ?

The following are some simple measurement that can be taken to curb the problems:

  • Use and maintain anti-virus software and a firewall
  • Scan your computer for spyware regulary
  • Try to avoid unsed software programs
  • Consider of using seperate computer accounts
  • Use passwords pr encrypt sensitive files
  • Follow corporate policies for handling and storing work-related information
  • Make sure your software are always up to date.

With such advancement of technology, there's still no 100% guarantee of measurement to safeguard us from these kind of threats.

However, there are yet ways to minimize this threats.

It is advisable for everyone to

Bewise, Beware and Becareful.

The End.